By abolishing Section 21 we will give renters stable lives

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About End Unfair Evictions

Life as a renter in England is insecure. 

We can be evicted without having done anything wrong.

This threat means we have no sense of home, and can feel intimidated into staying quiet about disrepair and unfair treatment.

Our coalition is campaigning for the abolition of Section 21, the law that allows landlords to evict without needing a reason.

End Unfair Evictions is:

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    We've been in the news! Here's the reaction to the Government's announcement on section 21

    It's been quite a week since the government announced that they will ban Section 21 evictions, which allows Landlords to evict tenants for no reason. Renters and campaigners from the coalition took to the airwaves to celebrate this important victory. We would like to give special thanks to Alicia, Simon, Eva and Kirsty who talked about their section 21 experiences.   “Tenants Rights victory” The story made the front page of the national Guardian newspaper who hailed it as a “Tenants Rights Victory”. The Financial Times covered the story with the headline that Landlords were facing curbs. Meanwhile the independent called it a major reversal of a policy implemented during Margaret Thatcher’s time in Downing Street    
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    Victory! Government pledges to scrap Section 21

    The End Unfair Evictions coalition is celebrating a campaign victory today as the government announced its plans to abolish “no-fault evictions” under Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act and introduce open-ended tenancies for private renters in England. At present Section 21 allows landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason, making possible revenge evictions, where renters lose their homes after asking for repairs or making complaints.  Since 2015, some 140,000 tenants have been victims of Section 21 revenge evictions. Section 21 is the leading cause of homelessness in England. Here's how the coalition partners reacted...
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    Contact us using the form below and one of the coalition partners will respond. If you would like to contact us by post, please write c/o Generation Rent, The Arc Centre, St Paul Street, London N1 7DF