More local councils call on government to #EndSection21

As 2018 draws to a close, the pressure on government to scrap Section 21 no-fault evictions continues to grow. Continue reading

Croydon council first to back End Unfair Evictions campaign

Croydon has become the first council in the country to call for the abolition of Section 21. Continue reading

Incentives to sell to tenants won't help most of us

The think tank Onward has published a policy proposal today aimed at helping private renters into owner occupation with incentives for landlords to sell us their houses.    Continue reading

Public backs better security for renters

As the consultation period on the government's proposals for longer tenancies draws to a close - the deadline to respond is this Sunday - we are handing in our petition to the Ministry of Housing today. It passed 50,000 signatures on Tuesday, helped along by #VentYourRent. And if that wasn't enough to make the government pay attention, new polling from Survation finds that our demands have the backing of the wider public, including Conservative voters. Continue reading

Four early victories for the End Unfair Evictions campaign

It is less than a month since we launched our joint campaign - with ACORN, the New Economics Foundation and the London Renters Union - to end section 21 no-fault evictions, and we've already had some major successes.  Here are four things we can celebrate already. Continue reading