What is the alternative?

With house prices out of control, growing numbers of people have no option but to rent. To give them the chance of a decent home, it is clear that the power balance needs to shift away from private landlords.

In Europe alone, many countries have adopted housing laws that prioritise the health and wellbeing of tenants over the flexibility of private landlords. In Germany for example, tenancies are indefinite and properties are often bought and sold with tenants included. Across the border, the Scottish government has already acted to protect tenants by abolishing the Scottish equivalent of Section 21 last year.

There are a range of proposals on how to give tenants greater security, but we can do better than the current law that causes instability for millions. What is clear is that the current housing law in England and Wales prioritises the financial interests of private landlords rather than the health and happiness of renters and this is pushing up house prices, making ownership less attainable for swathes of the population. Section 21 is out-dated and incompatible with the current housing crisis. It needs to go.

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